Red flags that show it is not a good idea to be with someone right now regardless of whether they are your destined lover or not.

Sometimes it is not the case that someone isn’t the one. It is often not their time yet. Trust in destiny and divine timing.

Even if they are destined to be your divine mate in the future, live for now.

Take a look at some of the big red flags that mean it is probably healthier to not be with this person. Again, don’t look at this lists as a bunch of obligations. Think, ‘the more I love myself, the less I am going to settle for a relationship with someone who shows these signs.’ Ahem…

A) you’re living your life by shoulds” instead of following your bliss.

B) you don’t sense your entire soul blueprint within the other person.

C) they aren’t true to themselves

D) they don’t respect and act accordingly to your needs.

E) they feel like you aren’t really for them so they keep having to “own” you physically and constantly exercise ownership over you by telling you how to act, dress, behave.

F) you’re more advanced than then in a multidude of them and don’t feel at one with their main spiritual and mental and emotional self.

G) they settle for less and the mundane whil you settle for more and feel destined to do bigger, better things instead of just “playing it safe.”

H) you see parts of yourself in him but not your full core self- you feel like you just dont quite have the same soul/life mission. Just because a part of you feels like you’ve known the other person in another life or that you have a soul connection , doesn’t mean that a soulmate is akin to your divine lover. A soulmate can come in the form of a friend, a mentor, your own parents even. It isn’t always about romance. It’s about people who come from your same soul tribe or stream. So evade the idea that you’re supposed to be with them just because you unexplicably feel close to them. Uhm, yes. The Divine put them there for you but that does not always mean they are necessarily meant to be your lover. Sometimes your just meant to be their guide especially at this moment

I)they don’t more than anything want to see you happy excited and at peace. Their main priority isn’t pleasing you and only you

J) you tell yourself you should “be yourself” around the person but and you do sometimes to prove a point to the other person but overall, you find that you can’t fully be yourself around the person because you know at some level, they won’t accept you as you are.

K) they are more interested in pleasing their ego and feeling good about themselves rather than wanting you to feel safe. Uhm, no thanks to that. Girl, you can do better. They should already feel good about themselves before they chose to come out and see you.

L) you keep making excuses for them treating you casually and in manipulative ways because you see the “potential” to be a better spouse. No no, honey. People aren’t fixer upper projects. If you feel called to guide them, be honest with yourself – tell them “i feel called to guide you and teach you a few things about life or too. I feel something isn’t balanced about you and that you don’t quite feel at peace. I am not ready for a romantic relationship with youbut I would be happy to give you advice as a friend because I care about you. Yes, I feel God brought us together and Im meant to play a part in your life somehow but not as a lover, -not right now at least.

M) if your definition of the “one” consists of who is the one to be in a relationship with, then this person is not the one if you feel separate from them instead of at one and unified with them. Forget about your divine mate- that’s God’s business. Forget about that definition of the one. Have self respect and stop being with this person if they don’t give two $***s about you feeling safe, comfortable, and happy. And trust that what’s meant to be will find a way eventually but force anything with someone who just isn’t emotionally available for YOU.

N) they run the opposite way from you emotionally even though see goodness in you mentally because they are not ready to face a truth about themselves and they are afraid their own “goodness” is a weakness that might be exploited which hints at

O) they don’t really believe in you and you ability to be genrally happy and successful. Your goodness to them is only so good, but not good enough because they don’t feel good enough thmeselves. Hah! No dear- do not settle for that.

P) they feel that they have to stick around to take goodness from you instead trusting they already have that same goodness within themselves. They just dull your shine in the process.

Q) they don’t accept you as you are.

R) they constantly expect something from you in return for their “taking care of you” physically but not always emotionally. Actually, they shouldn’t expect you to do anything for them period. The only thing Mr. Right should expect from you is to keep rocking the world with your awesome self😉 which he feels at one with, not separate from.

S) they feel like they need you around to feel good about themselves instead of trusting in DIvine will and fate.

T) you’ve given all your power away, magically hoping the Divine to make this person the one of your dreams instead of waking up, taking responsibility, and leaving the moment you

U) feel something is off. Even a little inkling of this “something-is-fishy feeling should be enough to say “hey buddy. Let’s be friends” yes anyone can change and miracles do happen but you don’t have to be with someone who isn’t safe and magically hope they will become this adorable littly kitty cat transformed orginally from a sneaky fox overnight. Save yourself the heartbreak and headache and leave the relationship. Just be friends dude. Stop breaking your own heart!

V) verbal promises and statement don’t match their actions consistently. They may say “sorry” for trying to hurt you or try to make you jealous ( hah- nice try buddy) but time and time again they do it again

W) which proves they don’t quite love thmselves since they live their life by “shoulds” and obligations yet “they don’t want to, instead of following their bliss. How can someone who doesn’t love themselves love you?

X) they are with you because they feel they should be with you instead of actual interest in your company. Maybe they are not crazy about you but they’ve convinced themselves “oh, she’s a good girl. I should be with a good person even though I’m crap myself.” Uhm no way, Jose. It’s nobodys job to babysit you and change you. A person can only inspire you. You have to change yourself.

Y) you constantly afraid you get into an argument so you refrain from expressing what’s on your mind with the person so that “everything” goes well and just hand all your power over to the Divine , hoping the Divine will fix the problem. Uhm, the Divine doesn’t want you to be tortured in a dead end toxic disrespectful relationship. You have to make that call and leave first, then go knocking on God’s door, but still take some responsibility into your own hands when you get the signs. We’re meant to be true to ourselves and act accordingly to how we feel at our core, not just watch everything like a play. We must be the actors our selves every now and then.

Z) zest for life is something you don’t feel with this person on a daily basis because they just don’t seem to support your goals, dreams, deepest wishes and desires. This is one of the biggest red flags. But it doesn’t end there.

Beyond Z) they don’t see their whole world in your eyes. Even more beyond Z) they wouldn’t willfully do virtually almost anything for you .

Infinity) he is still constantly easily entertained by hurting you. Infinity and beyond) they don’t see you. They may notice your goodness but not really appreciate it and even try to exploit it.they don’t get you .

And more) they doubt you’re the one or are unsure about you and try to make you feel like you’re not good enough for them

Plus) by rejecting you they feel better about themselves.

Healthy Sexuality

Don’t think of terms of what is “right” or “wrong.” Think in terms of what is healthy.

Imagine a world where women were free to express their sexual selves without being worried about being taken, advantage of, violated, harassed, judged or raped.

Sexuality is not all of us, but it is a great part of us. Suppressing this sacred creative energy is dangerous. Not expressing it can have consequences on our spirit and vitality.

That being said, exchanging too much sexual energy casually can also be menacing.

We live in a world where we think sex is everything, but this is just a physical illusion. We are not here to just chase after sex blindly. We are here to fulfill the unique missions (this is not just limited to our career- it is what what do at all times) God made for us. We may not know right away what it is, but we feel it. We are here to be true to our own souls, not obsessively dwell over “Rights” “wrongs” “goods” or “Bads.” It is said that life is a balance of holding on and letting go- sexuality works the same. We express it yet we can keep invisible boundaries, even in the act of sex itself. Sexual energy can be exchanged only so much, to give big portions of it away to someone, you must WILL to give it. It is based on your permission.

We are our soul essence, not just our bodies ,which are a partial, temporary emanation of our soul. Our sexual expression and choices are part of us, but it is not all of us. It is not our core self, but an expression of our core self. Like a mirror, it reflects only so much, not our complete insides.

At the same time, the more self-respect one has, the more they are likely to share their sexual energy in ways that it is appreciative, in accordance to love, in accordance to harmony, in accordance with Divine Timing. The more respect one has, the more likely they are to spend it in such a way that it flows smoothly, the more likely they are inclined to spend it on someone who appreciates them.

Sex can be done with multiple people. However, it will not feel the same as with the one. You know when someone is the one when you see your entire soul essence inside them.

As cliche as it sounds, No sex will ever be more satisfying than true love.

Do not suppress your sexuality. It is trying to speak, to do the right thing, to express itself, to flow.

Sexuality wants to work in your favor, not just your body’s favor-but it does not know how. It must be in sync with your mind, soul and spirit to flow harmoniously.

Sex isn’t love. Yet ,the best of sex is love.

Intimacy is not sex. But sex can be intimate.

Sex is not everything, but our physical realm is designed in such a way that it looks like the be-end all of existence. But there is a realm among this. It is a noticeable thing, but not the most important thing.

Why get married? A message about finding “the one”

Worldly Marriage doesn’t make sense. You can fall in love with more than one person. “The one” can change depending on who you are at any given moment in time. Personalities change. People Change. So why make a lifelong commitment to someone who you don’t know for sure is guaranteed to stay the same all their life? And even if you love someone, why marry them if you cannot live them peacefully forever? The most important relationship is the relationship you have with yourself. The truth is you really don’t need anyone. Everything you ever go through is for inner growth and development. Even your Divine mate who has been assigned to you before birth may not be “the one” you have in your head. When you’re not an energetic match to them, it will be hard to manifest them into your life unless you are ready to step into your soul mission-the main goal, purpose, and self mastery-lesson you set out to achieve on Earth. This was all planned prior to you stepping into your Earth plane. Once you are ready, Then they appear. Of course YOU don’t need them. Your soul mission does. It’s a partnership that exists whether you decide to marry them or not, to be romantically attracted to them or not, or commit to them or not. They will be the individual who has the same life mission you do (it may not always look like it outwardly; to know if someone has your exacy same soul mission, you must use your intuition. Of course, this person is not more important than someone who has a similar purpose or anyone on the earth for that matter. It’s not about who is better than who- it is a question of compatibility. Your Divine counterpart is the most compatible with you because the have the same soul mission you do. It’s as simple as that. True marriage is about a soul union- sensing the presense and essence of your whole soul, (similar to the nucleus in the cell) in someone (not just parts), believing in someone, and feeling at one with them. It’s not an idea of “Prince charming” you have in your head. Your soul mission is like your soul dna, the blueprint for your main purpose for your physical existence. It’s all already been planned out.

What hurts more than heartbreak

What hurts more than heartbreak? Feeling like you don’t have the right to EXPRESS your heartbreak. The way to heal is to be 1000% you.

This goes the same with depression, chronic anxiety, or any other maladies you falsely assumed you’re destined to feel everyday.

The Sufi poet, Shams was brilliant. He also was Rumi’s teacher by the way. He said “Intellect and love are made of different materials. Intellect ties people in knots and risks nothing, but love dissolves all tangles and risks everything. Intellect is always cautious and advises, ‘Beware too much ecstasy’, whereas love says, ‘Oh, never mind! Take the plunge!’ Intellect does not easily break down, whereas love can effortlessly reduce itself to rubble. But treasures are hidden among ruins. A broken heart hides treasures”

People are afraid to feel. This is the problem with our generation. They don’t realize that the path of feeling is the path of healing.

Siddhartha (Buddha) even said the way is not in the sky- it is in the heart.

They were wise masters who understood at a deep level that when you suppress and deny your shadow aspects of yourself, all your devastating emotional difficulties which you perceive as unfit for your social structure, you are in truth in resistance to an aspect of yourself. All three of these men- Siddhartha Gautama, Shams Tabrizi, and Rumi had this in common: they were daring enough to be at peace with their feelings, letting them be, without any judgment. This is true manly strength. This is where the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine Realms interlap.

He who knows God is not afraid to be with his feelings entirely.
The “knowing” is not at a rational, methodical level- it is a feeling kind of knowing, the same knowing which permits one to recognize their Divine Mate.

When you get a cut, you heal. Will it help to clog it with more bacteria with a dirty knife? Whenever you ignore your pain, tell yourself to “SUCK IT UP” and move on, you invite even more pain.
It would take a much lesser time to heal a wound when you give yourself permission to heal from it. This means making that freaking call to your boss and calling in sick. Yes- sadness is a sickness. It doesn’t mean anything is wrong with you, however.

Feeling like you have to carry on with life in your dead-end job day by day just delays the healing process.

Stop being swayed by the physical world. The ethereal world is what gives birth to this world. It is only a partial reality. Full reality is love.

Depression, sadness, anger, hurt, are all expressions of fear.

We need to stop running from our fears. We must embrace them once and for all. Because fear is going to keep us in this nasty matrix of the dead-end job and feeling unfulfilled, pigging out on our carnal needs to distract ourselves from our pain. Fear is not all bad- it has a purpose.

Everything is a manifestation of God’s will. The sky above, the ground below, the people, and everything else that seems “Real.”
It’s all a divine stage for your growth and wisdom. Made just for you. Everything is a journey. And even if you are not all emotionally fulfilled now, don’t worry-you will be eventually. The whole game of life is to close the gap before death, but even if you don’t, it really doesn’t matter.

The way to heal is being 1000% yourself.

As Drake says, “God’s Plan.”

<3 <3 <3 Peace and Blessings Be Unto You.

Are We God? Does God exist? What are we doing here? Separating the wheat from the chaff…

Mosts New Agers and even old Hindu mystics say, “we are God.” “I am God. You are God.” This differs largely from the muslim view that everything is God’s (plural) as in everything on earth belongs to God.

Some say we are both the creation and the co-creator and we are an extension of God. Some say we are the Higher Self, which is what God really is. Some say God is love, which is our true selves, but our human minds can’t comprehend this love (this is what I believe). God’s love is so vast and complex- we cannot digest it with our humans minds.

Upon deep contemplation, My answer to this question is, no we are not God, but we are connected to God’s consciousness. We are an expression of God’s Will. This is my chocolate pie metaphor. God is like the chocolate in us (the pie). But we are not 100% chocolate. We all have some God within us, but we are not 100% God.

At some level we have a profound intuitive knowledge of God.

We are connected to what Quantum physicians call the God Particle.

I see darkness in the world, cruelty, unfairness, and suffering of people just like me. And I can’t help but ask, “Is god Really there?”

I feel God exists, just not in our ego-illusion realm. God left some of His/Her/Its Greatness with us.

If the definition of God is an entirely omniscient being, and we with our limited minds are not omniscient, how can we be God?

There is a Hindu story about Brahma- the Hindu term for the Creator of the Universe. Brahma wanted to know itself and appreciate itself so it cut itself into tiny little pieces. We each have a piece.

We are said to be extensions of source energy. Our Higher self projected a part of itself into a physical body in order to know itself better.

God is love. So to know what it is, it had to experience the opposite. Fear. There is only one reality: Love. That is what God is.

Our individual life tests and trials, no matter how difficult and painful you perceive them to be are for our expansion. Suffering is optional. We suffer because we define ourselves by the growth lessons we have been given.

You are here to fulfill the soul mission God has set for you.

You don’t have to know what exactly it is, You have to feel it. Everyone has a unique purpose, although some purposes may stand out more than others.

Think of that scene from Princess Bride where the Inigo Montoya creature asks his father to guide him towards help and he walks in the direction he feels pulled towards, closing his eyes.

We don’t have to feel separate from source just because we don’t understand it. God’s purpose is full of surprises.

We all go back home to God in the end.

Many Blessings…

You’re More Powerful Than You Think

This article I wrote can also be found on In5d

To be Creator/God, you need no ego. You operate 100% from love and only love. You don’t have anger, jealousy, or hate like so many humans do. You are also in power that comes effortlessly from love, ironically. We think love is this soft, gushy feeling but actually, true love is actually the most powerful force in the universe!

Spirits are not gods. Many of these “gods” Hindus have been worshipping for thousands of years, (such as Kali or Durga). were not actually gods. They were beings with earthly traits, such as jealousy, anger, envy, lust, greed, possessiveness, etc. However, they were more physically powerful beings compared to the average human because they had very strong and powerful wills. They had VERY strong desire, but because their souls were imprisoned in the physical world of illusions, they felt a sense of entitlement, lust, greed, etc. They were more physically powerful than humans. They appeared to have more self-esteem than the average human, but actually did not. Their Zeus-like strength is a facade to cover their insecurity of not feeling able to achieve what they want deep down inside. They don’t know what they want consciously. They just operate from feelings in an impulsive manner. It’s not their fault that they are un-advanced beings that don’t know any better. Their minds just aren’t that advanced! They seem to run marathons in the wrong direction, at the expense of another being getting hurt. So although these beings are more physically powerful, possessing abilities that the average human doesn’t, they actually have pretty low self-esteem, because they want love so badly, yet they don’t know that they want it. They just feel it. They are slaves to their feelings. Their intentions are pure, though! So don’t hate them- feel compassion for them! They were not emotionally advanced beings. They had pure wills to reach love deep down inside, however, their un-advanced minds, which are centered in the physical, materialistic world, felt unable to attain peace. They feel right in going after a target of desire like attention or affection or power, yet they are not consciously advanced the way humans are. They will go in an extreme direction to achieve a means. Don’t think in terms of right or wrong here. Think of it like a child who makes a fake tent and calls it a home. They might have pure intentions, but are not actually thinking about the results of their actions. These spirit beings are beings of desire. And because they want what they want so badly, they tend to win, at the expense of another creature suffering. In short, they have good hearts but dark minds. Their dark minds keep fooling them into thinking they have to reach enlightenment externally, rather than looking within. They would remind one a lot of the Islamic ‘Djinn’: a creature who feels entitled in doing what he or she feels called to do, often foolishly without thinking. But, in this case these spirits can sadly be extremely dark, and stop at nothing to achieve a means, hoping it will bring them the love they are looking for, when indeed, it does not. Their minds are just not advanced. Keep in mind that these beings are not all bad. Please do not think in terms of “right” or “wrong” here. They aren’t 100 percent bad- they just aren’t emotionally evolved, so just love them and trust that they will find their way eventually, finally realizing that going through extremes in the physical world will not get them the love they so deeply long for.
Humans are actually more powerful than these beings. Why? Because we possess more consciousness. We have compassion. We don’t operate so impulsively like robots to achieve a means. We just do not know how powerful we are. These spirits, look so powerful at first, to the average human. And indeed, they have seduced us and intimidated us with their grandiose “confidence” for generations. They love fooling us, yet they themselves are trapped in the illusion! But their power is just centered in the physical world.

We actually win, because we aren’t attached to love the way they are. We know at some level it is our birthright. We don’t go through extreme methods of manipulation and control in order to get it. We don’t have to. We have desire- don’t get me wrong. We could have been these spirit beings at some point in our evolution, but we are actually much closer to our goal then these poor children spirit beings, because we operate at a level of love and peace more than they do.

No, we’re not perfect but we’re still so much more spiritually evolved than they are. The spirit beings seem smarter than us, but they are more left-brained and overly logic-oriented, in a computerized, robotic manner. We are more right-brained, using the divine feminine more, honoring logic, but not relying solely on it to achieve happiness. We’re more intuitive- we use our physical eyes to see when we need to but we also rely on our intuition to see what is real. So in reality, we are smarter. We are able to look at the big picture, experience deeper levels of solitude at ease, and tend to feel safer within ourselves more naturally than the poor spirit beings do.

Although we behave like children sometimes, we have abilities these beings do not believe they have. We may not have wills as strong as the Spirit Beings do, but we do have something they do not- a greater ability to be non-attached to our goal. We have more trust in the Divine that we will return to the love that we all originated from- we don’t have to go through extreme means to prove to ourselves that we have that power.

We actually have the ability to be even MORE physically powerful than the beings too, and not just more spiritually advanced. The problem is WE DON’T KNOW WE ARE POWERFUL. We’ve bought into the phony world of illusions, and that’s why we tend to think these spirit beings are better than us, but they aren’t! Just open the Shahnameh or the Bhagavad Gita- stories full of these beings that humans feel humbled by, oblivious to their own internal power.

A lot of us became romantically attracted and even involved with these creatures, perhaps co-creating offspring like Gilgamesh, or other demi-“gods,” throughout history. Yet these beings, who if we came into contact with today, the ladies would consider them our Superheroes and dream of them as our saviors and justify their terrible actions, even calling them heroic, even if they spread some jurisdiction of having war or possessing over 1,000 wives and us ladies will think it is totally fine! These women then and even in this generation are so obsessed with these bad boys, not having any conscious idea they were just un-evolved children.

We’ve obviously unintentionally become victims to the Matrix ourselves, unfortunately. But hope is on the way. Our truly self-respecting selves are slowly stepping out of the Dark Ages, and leaving the old paradigms behind and not feeling inferior to something that our eyes and egos perceive to be more powerful than we are. We will awaken. It’s going to happen eventually. Everything is a work-in-progress. We are going to gradually stop feeling extremely attracted to that which we perceive as different than us. The more we appreciate our true selves, the more we will be drawn and involved with beings whom which we see as a reflection of our true selves, who operate from purity and love, not from greed, possessiveness, and jealousy. This is not true masculinity.

Because a woman with true self-respect doesn’t want to be with a ‘masculine’ figure who she senses has NOTHING to do with her. A creature who she perceives as someone who does not nor will ever really get HER, or have her best interests as heart. A being whom she feels separate from! If you’re a woman who is subconsciously or consciously in that teenage-young-and-hot stage, It’s okay. You’ll be over it someday and you’ll no longer feel attracted to these un-evolved children who appear to have what you’re looking for but actually do not. This is just a stage and hopefully, in this lifetime you will grow out of it. It’s all a journey. And the ones who are subconsciously attracted to these human or non-human beings, even though they know they shouldn’t be attracted to them, sometimes sadly think they are meant to form actual romantic bonds with these beings right away and spend lifetimes with them and change them rather than trusting that they will be changed in their own time, when in reality, they are just meant to nurture them and guide them as would an older sister or caring, wiser, emotionally-advanced figure. So one moral of the story: If you don’t see your very essence in the other person’s eyes, don’t be with them! PLEASE. And the overall lesson is we don’t have to feel intimidated by all these power-obsessed beings. True Power is balanced, peaceful, calm, tranquil and serene, yet direct and clear. And that power comes from True Love, not hormonal/physiological attachment we confuse with love.

Daily Nutrients Checklist

A lot of us go day to day feeling stressed out, lethargic, anxious, and wiped out because our bodies are not getting enough of the nutrients it needs! Take a look at the following checklist I made Inspired by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture. Try to get your nutrients through actual food rather than taking vitamins/supplements! (Eat the following foods everyday to make sure you get enough of what you need.

Daily Food Checklist:

1,136 milligrams of calcium each day: 5.68 ounces of cheese or 3.89 cups of spinach
4,044 milligrams of potassium daily: 9.58 bananas or 6.63 white potatoes
380 milligrams of magnesium each day: 4.87 oz of almonds
30 micrograms of Biotin each day: 15 avocados
550 milligrams of choline for men but 425 milligrams for women : 14.47 cups of milk or 8.87 cups of Brussel Sprouts. For women: 11.18 cups of milk for women and 6.85 cups of brussell spouts.
600 International Units (IU) of vitamin D each day: 400 oz salmon
11 milligrams of zinc for men and 8 milligrams for woman: 6.11 cups of milk for men. 4.44 cups women
120 Micrograms of Vitamin K for Men and 90 Micrograms of Vitamin K for women: 0.55 of broccoli for men and .41 cups for females
15 Milligrams of Vitamin E: 7.89 tablespoons of olive oil.
90 milligrams of Vitamin C for men and 75 milligrams for women: 1.06 cups of strawberries for men;
.88 cups of strawberries for women
2.4 micrograms of Vitamin B12: 4.8 ounces of Brie Cheese
1.3 milligrams of Vitamin B6: 1.3 ounces of hazelnuts
900 micrograms of Vitamin A for men and 700 micrograms for women: 11.39 mangoes for men and 8.86 mangoes for females
Vitamin B1: Men = 1.2 milligrams; Women = 1.1 milligrams: 6.3 ounces of pecan for men; 5.79 ounces of pecan for women
Salt: : 500 milligrams of sodium; 750 milligrams of chloride.
Selenium: 55 micrograms of selenium: 1.45 cups of enriched noodles
1.3 milligrams of B2 for men and 1.1 milligrams for women: 5.65 ounces of almonds for men and 6.09 ounces for women
700 milligrams of phosphorus: 534 ounces of cheese.
5 milligrams of Vitamin B5: 2.51 avocados
15 milligrams of B3 for men and 14 milligrams for woman: 4.21 ounces of peanuts for men and 3.86 ounces of peanuts for women
45 micrograms of molybdenum: .35 cup of black beans
2.3 milligrams of manganese for men and 1.8 milligrams of manganese for women: 1.80 ounces of pecans for men and 1.41 ounces of pecans for women. Do not take more than 11 milligrams!!
8 milligrams of iron for men and 18 milligrams of iron for women- 4.23 ounces of cashews for men and 9.52 ounces of cashews for women
150 micrograms of Iodine: 2.5 potatoes
400 micrograms of Folic Acid: 4.82 cups of orange juice.
900 micrograms of Copper: 1.43 ounces of nuts
Chromium: Men = 35 mcg; Women = 25 mcg: 1.59 cups of broccoli for men and 1.14 cups for women
OMEGA 3 and OMEGA 6- sadly, my sources do not list the amount of omega 3 and omega 6 you need, but don’t forget those.
For OMEGA 3, consume fish!
FOR OMEGA 6, consume sunflower oil.

Check out the informative and very helpful sites below for more info!

Sources: editorial staff. “Vitamins and Minerals: How to Get What You Need.” American Academy of Family Physicians, April 2017. Web. 5 December 2017. Retrieved from

Milan, Emily. “The Ultimate Guide to Vitamins and Minerals.” , Greatist, 10 August 2013. Web. 5 December 2017. Retrieved from

Kresser, Chris. “How too much omega-6 and not enough omega-3 is making us sick.”, 8 May 2010. Web. 7 December 2017. Retrieved from

This photo has permission from Tiffany Keefer. Check out Tiffany Keefer at Tiffany is good at helping clear blocks that get in the way of you living the life of your dreams! She gives you tools like practical breathing methods, affirmations, and cognitive therapy techniques, plus an overall down-to-earth understand of the world today.

Relationship Message of the Day

It’s better to find a husband in a friend than a friend in a husband. Never jump into a relationship or marriage with someone whom you barely know! take time to get to know that person thoroughly. And do not ever stay in a relationship that you’re genuinely unhappy in. You don’t have to sacrifice your happiness for the other person. It is actually not self loving to “Stay with someone no matter what’ regardless of what the other partner does or does not do to you. Love on your side is not enough to stay with someone and tolerant ANY kind of disrespect.

This photo has permission from Tiffany Keefer. Check out Tiffany Keefer at Tiffany is good at helping clear blocks that get in the way of you living the life of your dreams! She gives you tools like practical breathing methods, affirmations, and cognitive therapy techniques, plus an overall down-to-earth understand of the world today.

This photo has permission from Tiffany Keefer. Check out Tiffany Keefer at Tiffany is good at helping clear blocks that get in the way of you living the life of your dreams! She gives you tools like practical breathing methods, affirmations, and cognitive therapy techniques, plus an overall down-to-earth understand of the world today.

Sometimes you are sent as a guide

Sometimes, you enter someone’s life as a guide to teach them the ropes of live, offer a new perceptive, awaken them to greater truth, and guide them as would an older,wiser sibling- you’re not necessarily meant to be the person’s forever-romantic- love. Although these people may be inspired by you, they don’t feel at one with you, and throughout a relationship with them, they may feel unable to level up with you or even be a bit intimidated, sooner or later leading them to reject you because they don’t feel good enough for you. Do your work in the friendship or relationship and then when your work is done, it’s time to part and start cutting ties if the relationship is starting to spoil, become unhealthy, or become toxic. If it’s not toxic, just be friends. You’re not meant to be with this person forever, yet they will always remember the effect you had on them.

Next time, you encounter a person who you intuitively feel you are meant to teach emotionally and spiritually, just offer friendship. Don’t be in a relationship with them. Expecting them to mature to your level magically just you being with them is a recipe for heartbreak. Unless they are a stalker, abusive, or want to punish you when you feel it is time to part ways in the relationship, don’t cut all ties. Only if the person is extremely abusive, then completely cut ties, especially if this person is a narcissist. Block them on your phone, facebook, twitter account, and Skype if they are abusive.


Relationships and Finding the Right Person Message of The Day and Rumi Quote

“Your Task is Not to Seek out Love, but rather all the barriers you have built against it.” -Rumi

Never approach someone out of a feeling of need. Instead, have an attitude of “I am who I am. Whoever wants to be with me-great. Whoever doesn’t- I do not mind at all.” Be who you are, and the right person will come. Be aware of all the subconscious barriers that are holding you back. Maybe you have told yourself you believe your older sister’s advice of a successful woman having the mindset of loving all the dark circles under her eyes and accepting herself the way she is. But do YOU really follow that advice? Maybe you come from a family where they advocate against gossip and backbiting. But do you really feel aligned with that family value? When you present yourself to a person of interest with certain values, don’t tell yourself you are actually presenting who you are, rather often, we tend to present who we THINK we should be. Do not lie to yourself in order to be with someone. If something doesn’t feel right, take a step back and reevaluate your actions. Don’t tell yourself you’re doing the right thing when you intuitively feel funny about it. Maybe your friend just broke up with someone. But you tell yourself, “it’s okay to go date their ex because they are broken up, after the friend sincerely begged you to not talk to that person, but you convince yourself to go ahead and do it anyway. Is that really your true inner core values? Subconsciously, you know it isn’t okay because it doesn’t feel right (it can’t if you feel deep down inside you are hurting someone else). But you deny your intuition, lie to yourself, and go ahead and do it anyway because you are lonely and coming from a place of obligation, thinking, “that’s the only way to cure my loneliness myself. What choice do I have? It’s hard to find men..bla bla bla…” No. Don’t lie to yourself. It’s not okay and it indicates a lack of authentic self-respect. “If you love yourself you would never hurt another.” -Buddha

If you can’t be true to your real self, not the one you think you should be around a person, then what are you doing with that person? That person is just being used to fill up a void within. Imagine a relationship, with no walls, honestly, no sense of obligation or having to play hard to get or playing mind games and manipulation. That’s the kind of relationship that is truly worth having. And if you have self-respect, you won’t settle for anything less.