Healthy Sexuality

Don’t think of terms of what is “right” or “wrong.” Think in terms of what is healthy.

Imagine a world where women were free to express their sexual selves without being worried about being taken, advantage of, violated, harassed, judged or raped.

Sexuality is not all of us, but it is a great part of us. Suppressing this sacred creative energy is dangerous. Not expressing it can have consequences on our spirit and vitality.

That being said, exchanging too much sexual energy casually can also be menacing.

We live in a world where we think sex is everything, but this is just a physical illusion. We are not here to just chase after sex blindly. We are here to fulfill the unique missions (this is not just limited to our career- it is what what do at all times) God made for us. We may not know right away what it is, but we feel it. We are here to be true to our own souls, not obsessively dwell over “Rights” “wrongs” “goods” or “Bads.” It is said that life is a balance of holding on and letting go- sexuality works the same. We express it yet we can keep invisible boundaries, even in the act of sex itself. Sexual energy can be exchanged only so much, to give big portions of it away to someone, you must WILL to give it. It is based on your permission.

We are our soul essence, not just our bodies ,which are a partial, temporary emanation of our soul. Our sexual expression and choices are part of us, but it is not all of us. It is not our core self, but an expression of our core self. Like a mirror, it reflects only so much, not our complete insides.

At the same time, the more self-respect one has, the more they are likely to share their sexual energy in ways that it is appreciative, in accordance to love, in accordance to harmony, in accordance with Divine Timing. The more respect one has, the more likely they are to spend it in such a way that it flows smoothly, the more likely they are inclined to spend it on someone who appreciates them.

Sex can be done with multiple people. However, it will not feel the same as with the one. You know when someone is the one when you see your entire soul essence inside them.

As cliche as it sounds, No sex will ever be more satisfying than true love.

Do not suppress your sexuality. It is trying to speak, to do the right thing, to express itself, to flow.

Sexuality wants to work in your favor, not just your body’s favor-but it does not know how. It must be in sync with your mind, soul and spirit to flow harmoniously.

Sex isn’t love. Yet ,the best of sex is love.

Intimacy is not sex. But sex can be intimate.

Sex is not everything, but our physical realm is designed in such a way that it looks like the be-end all of existence. But there is a realm among this. It is a noticeable thing, but not the most important thing.