Sometimes you are sent as a guide

Sometimes, you enter someone’s life as a guide to teach them the ropes of live, offer a new perceptive, awaken them to greater truth, and guide them as would an older,wiser sibling- you’re not necessarily meant to be the person’s forever-romantic- love. Although these people may be inspired by you, they don’t feel at one with you, and throughout a relationship with them, they may feel unable to level up with you or even be a bit intimidated, sooner or later leading them to reject you because they don’t feel good enough for you. Do your work in the friendship or relationship and then when your work is done, it’s time to part and start cutting ties if the relationship is starting to spoil, become unhealthy, or become toxic. If it’s not toxic, just be friends. You’re not meant to be with this person forever, yet they will always remember the effect you had on them.

Next time, you encounter a person who you intuitively feel you are meant to teach emotionally and spiritually, just offer friendship. Don’t be in a relationship with them. Expecting them to mature to your level magically just you being with them is a recipe for heartbreak. Unless they are a stalker, abusive, or want to punish you when you feel it is time to part ways in the relationship, don’t cut all ties. Only if the person is extremely abusive, then completely cut ties, especially if this person is a narcissist. Block them on your phone, facebook, twitter account, and Skype if they are abusive.